Establishing New Companies
Aims The Girls' Brigade is a non-factional Christian uniformed body, its aims are to attract teenage girls outside the church through colorful company life, so that they get touch with Christianity and build up correct views of life. Therefore, the Girls' Brigade can act as a channel to attract more teenagers for the Church or organization. It is also a good opportunity for the Church to proclaim the Gospel.
Applying for establishing new company All bodies (churches, schools, social service centers and social organizations) can contact our Headquarters staff to get more details for the Hong Kong Girls' Brigade's missionary campaigns and other situations to understand the procedures and conditions for setting up new companies.
For any enquiry, please call 2694 9321 to contact the Headquarters staff.
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Company Activities and Training
Weekly assembly, spirituality, award training, marching, handicraft, hiking, wild camping, canoeing, first aid, dancing, flower arrangement, physical training, instructorship training and social services, social concern and the nurturing of analytical power, and so on.
Join us as an Officer
  1. Female, Christian, age 20 and above.
  2. Recommended by a church or a Christian organization.
  3. Willing to work with children, teenagers, and senior citizens.
  4. Willing to take up the responsibilities of a gospel ministry for a uniformed group.
  5. Must apply to undergo the Girls' Brigade's Leadership training course.
For any enquiry, please call 2694 9321 to contact the Headquarter's staff.